Featured Athlete-Dan

I would like for you all to meet my athlete Dan. Dan has been training with me for close to a year. Dan is one of those people who is just naturally strong, so he came to me already in pretty decent shape and he didn’t really have set goal in mind, other than getting into better shape. His job also requires him to maintain a certain fitness level, so with that in mind I set his program in action.

After about about 5 months of training, he signed up for his first Spartan race.  If you know Dan it isn’t surprising that he signed up for the Beast first…and he had a goal of just finishing it. The Spartan Beast is 20+ miles and 30+ obstacles.  He did great and finished with ease.  He then decided that he wanted to earn the trifecta medal of Spartan racing…you earn this by doing all three distances/races in one calendar year.

His next Spartan was the Super, which is 8+ miles and 25+ obstacles.  We set a goal of doing less burpees, by completing more obstacles.  If you aren’t familiar with Spartan racing, you have to do 30 burpees at every obstacle that you can not complete.  He met his goal and had a great time.  On one of the obstacles he landed very hard on his heel and we are now nursing a deep bruise…his final race is December 9th.  He will be racing the Sprint, 3+ miles and 20+ obstacles, in Los Angeles.  Hopefully his heel will not give him too much trouble, I know he will finish.

Dan is very strong and dedicated.  It has been fun working with him and watching him grow.  I love that he challenges himself all of the time.  He is very coachable and does all the recovery tools necessary to keep moving forward. He always asks good questions and wants to learn about what muscles we are using and why.



Dan will be 42 this up coming year and has lived in Albuquerque his whole life.  He likes to go on adventures in life and is always wanting to explore new things and places.  He loves to travel and meet new friends. He has been in his current career for 17 years now and plans to continue it for another 8. Who knows what he will find himself getting into then. Maybe a career in politics. He has already signed up for another Spartan race in 2018. He has been married for 9 years to an amazing woman and who is also his best friend. They have been blessed with one son, who is 7.


Before training with me, he was doing basic exercises like running, push ups, sit ups, stuff like that. He would also upon occasion join a fitness challenge at Turning Point Strength Training. His biggest challenge was staying with a program or completing the challenge.

He says one of the things that he likes most about training with me is my experience and knowledge. Dan says its hard to train on a regular basis and my knowledge and experience allows me to always keep things different and challenging for him…added bonus is that the workouts are intense and rewarding.


His current fitness goals have been training and staying in shape for his Spartan races.

He says he really doesn’t  have a favorite lift….but he has a major distaste for the Airdyne and the rower.

“As excited as I am about the workouts my favorite time is when it’s over and the pain stops.”




Author: foothillsfitnessandcoaching

I am a trainer and coach in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I work with endurance athletes of all ability levels.

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