Featured Athlete-Nikki

All my athletes make me so very proud.  Each of them have goals they are working towards and take them seriously.  They come to me with various athletic backgrounds, some of them have never lifted or cross trained before!  I like to feature one of my athletes every few months. I love to share their hard work, goals, and just plan brag about how awesome they all are!!

Let me introduce you to Nikki!!  I have known Nikki for a few years, but she wasn’t  training  with me at the time.  I had the pleasure of getting to know her during some early morning trail runs in the foothills!!  One of the many things that make Nikki amazing is her work ethic.  She always…ALWAYS…gives me all that she has.  She never questions or complains, she just grinds it out.  She is the same way when it comes to running!!  She is also one of the kindest, gentlest people I know.  I am so, so very lucky to get to coach her.  I cant wait to see how she grows as a runner and gets stronger in the gym.

nikki 2
Nikki just ran the Duke City Marathon Relay!
nikki 4
Running her leg of the Duke City Marathon Relay

Nikki is a New Mexico native, born in Albuquerque.  She is married and has a 7 year old son!  She used to hate to run and would fake being sick in school to get out of running during PE. She started running to lose weight…she made the decision to embrace something she hated doing in order to have the life she wanted. That was it…she fell in love!!

Since then she has run 1 marathon, 6 1/2 marathons, and quite a few 10Ks and 5Ks.  Nikki’s favorite distance is the 10K.  Her favorite race is the Durango Double…the Durango Double is a back to back race weekend in Durango, Colorado.  Saturday you run a trail 1/2 and on Sunday you run a road 1/2.  Last year she trained really hard and crushed it!!

Nikki isn’t currently training for a specific race, but she is working on getting faster with speed work!  Speed work is no joke either, so I have no doubt she is going to get faster!! ‘

I asked her some questions about training and goals…

Q: What type of workouts were you doing before I started coaching you?

A: Just running, no cross training. I needed you in my life. You bring balance and strength.

Q: What do you like about training with me?

A: I like the community in you gym.  I like that you work personally with each person and you know your athletes. I love that you correct my form to prevent injury and push me in ways I don’t push myself.

Q: What are your favorite lifts? What do you hate?

A: I like any kind of weight work.  I hate BURPEES…and sprawls. BLAH!!

Q: What are you goals?

A: To be strong and fit. To age with strength on my side.

nikki 3
She makes my mornings brighter.


Author: foothillsfitnessandcoaching

I am a trainer and coach in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I work with endurance athletes of all ability levels.

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