How I got started and why I love my job.

My name is Meredith Eddy.  I’m a trainer and coach in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I was born and raised in this breath taking state.  I grew up in the mountains outside of Albuquerque.  From a young age I loved the outdoors, my parents helped foster that love with summer camping trips, hiking, and fishing.  As I got older, I started playing sports.  I started with softball and track.  My father coached me in both.  The town I grew up was so small that he would drive me into Albuquerque to play little league…I also ran independent at local track meets, because there weren’t any track teams close to me.  Even as I got more committed to playing sports, I never stopped exploring the great outdoors.  Some of my favorite memories are exploring the deer trails behind my parents’ house with my first dog, Charlie.  At the time I had no idea that the love of the trails would come full circle.  When I was in middle school I was introduced to basketball…that was it.  I found the sport that would take over everything.  I am only 5.1, so I had to work hard for everything.  All I wanted was to play college basketball.  I worked very hard to achieve that goal.  I played two years at a junior college in Arizona and finished my four year degree at Kansas Wesleyan University.  My senior year of college I was asked to run cross country for KWU, I had never run in a cross country event…I was about to find out all about it.  I said yes, but in order to run I had to still keep up with my basketball requirements.  My first cross country meet was a blast, or so I thought.  I was about 800 M from the finish and I made a move to pass another runner.  She matched my move.  I sped up.  She sped up.  Her kick was better then mine.  She beat me.  Lesson learned…my coach said you make a move, you finish the move.  You never give up.  I never made that mistake again.  My first 5K meet was finished around 24 minutes.  I worked really hard and was able to make All Conference, with a conference meet time of 18:20.  I was hooked.  I was also awarded Female Athlete of The Year that year.  I went on to be an assistant basketball coach at the college and high school levels, but I never stopped running.

About 4 years ago I ran my first trail 1/2 marathon.  It was the hardest thing, at the time, I thought that I would ever do.  I have since run many trail races varying in distance…the longest being a 50K.  I am not a good long distance runner, but I love to run.  I will never give up.  I will keep trying, keep pushing my endurance, and keep testing my mental fortitude. I only race road races every once in awhile…an ultra relay here or there.  Everything comes full circle.  I love the trails.

I own and operate Foothills Fitness and Coaching.  I love helping my athletes meet their performance goals.  My philosophy is simple…be consistent, work hard, and have fun.  The minute your sport feels like a job, we need to reevaluate your goals. Whether you are an experienced athlete or just starting out, consistency is the key.  I am not the coach that is going to constantly yell at you. From time to time, I have to build a fire in the belly of my athletes.  Its rare, most of my athletes work hard for me because they are fighting for a goal.  Form and fundamentals come first.  ALWAYS! I believe in everyone that walks in the door.  The atmosphere is a positive, “kumbaya-competitve”, exciting mix.

I have a wide range of athletes, and yes they are all athletes.  I work with runners, triathletes, Spartan racers, and other endurance athletes.  I have an undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology.  I am a certified personal trainer and Kinesio tape technician.  I am also currently preparing to take my National Strength and Conditioning Association, Strength and Conditioning certification in the fall.

I am married to an old rugby player, John, who challenges me more then most mountain ranges and a mother of 2 little girls.  Isabella, age 6, going on 16 and Julianna, age 4, her nickname is Baby Godzilla…no description needed.  I also am a mom to 3 fur babies.  Lincoln is a 4 year old German Shepherd, who is my running buddy and trail boss.  Aspen is a 12 year old Border Collie-Australian Shepherd mix, who is a retired trail boss lady.  Finally, Gorlami, a 5 year old house cat that thinks he is a gym cat.  He can be found in the gym on the daily looking for love and affection.

Lincoln and I after a trail run!
Gorlami approves of dirt lines!
Sweet, Ole Lady Aspen giving me snuggles.
Trying to catch the runner in front of me!
Out on trail 365…one of my favorites in the foothills behind my house.
The goal board behind me!  I have the best athletes!
KWU basketball
Can you guess which one is Baby Godzilla?
mere 4
Paddle Boarding down the Rio Grande
One of my favorite trails…yes I am a tree hugger.

Author: foothillsfitnessandcoaching

I am a trainer and coach in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I work with endurance athletes of all ability levels.

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